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Creating Experiences, Not Lessons

In my classroom, I was constantly doing things so rapidly different than my colleagues.  I never thought it was better, but I did know it was outside the norm.  I looked for every opportunity to push my students to be more and do more.  As a young teacher I would repeatedly hear from different leaders and presenters, "Think back to when you were a kid.  What teacher do you remember and what do you remember about their class?"  It was always teachers reflecting on an experience, not a lesson.

I started to wonder, if that is what we all remember, why am I spending so much time planning how I will deliver a lesson.  Perhaps I can spend more time planning what the students will do to learn the content.  This is where my passion and mission as a teacher was confirmed.  My goal was to create the experiences students will remember while learning the content.  

I now spend my time maintaining my professional K-12 role while traveling nationally to empower teachers with professional learning experiences and keynote speeches.

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Ken will plan and facilitate a full-day of learning for your staff. Immerse your teachers in the best personalized experience possible.

  • The administrative team will work collaboratively with Ken to put goals together.

  • Ken will organize, plan, and create the entire learning experience for your teachers.

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Embedded Coaching

Enhance your professional development experience by bringing Ken into your schools to work directly with teachers and students.  Ken can model strategies, observe teachers, or help co-teach. The embedded coaching will allow teachers conceptualize the best practices learned in professional development.

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