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Bring a different K-12 Keynote Presenter voice to your teachers. My keynotes presentations leave teachers feeling inspired to create empowering experiences for students through my real stories.  It's a refreshing combination of aspiration and practicality teachers crave to hear in a keynote.

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I will plan and facilitate a full day of customized professional development for K-12 teachers. Your teachers will be immersed in the best personalized learning experience possible.

  • I will collaborate with the administrative team to establish the professional development goals.

  • I will organize, plan, and create the entire professional development experience for your teachers.

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Embedded Coaching

I would love to continue the partnership with your teachers and provide K-12 on-site instructional coaching. After the customized professional development, bring me back to work directly with teachers and students. I can model strategies, observe teachers, or co-teach. The embedded coaching will allow teachers conceptualize the best practices learned in professional development.

"It was so powerful for myself and my team to all watch Ken deliver the same lesson.  We were able to observe his teaching, then meet as a team to dissect the strategies we saw and how the students performed."

- 2nd Grade Teacher

"The lesson was amazing. It was unbelievable to watch how he differentiated instruction to meet the needs of students he had never met before.  The most meaningful part was seeing the strategies and ideas he showcased in his professional learning come to life with our own students."
                                                                                       - 5th Grade Teacher

My Purpose, My Pursuit

In my classroom, I was constantly pushing the boundaries of teaching and learning.  I never thought it was better, but I did know it was outside the norm.  I looked for every opportunity to push my students to be more and do more.  As a young teacher, I repeatedly heard from different leaders and presenters, "Think back to when you were a kid.  What teacher do you remember, and what do you remember about their class?"  It was always an experience, not a lesson.

I started to wonder, if that is what we all remember, why am I spending so much time planning how I will deliver a lesson?  Perhaps I can spend more time planning what the students will do to learn the content.  This is where my passion and mission as a teacher were confirmed.  I aimed to create the experiences students will remember while learning the content.  

I now maintain my professional K-12 role while traveling nationally to empower teachers with customized professional learning experiences and keynotes.

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