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My keynotes are different from any presentation your teachers and community have seen before.  It comes from someone still in the day-to-day trenches with teachers and students.  It is grounded in practicality and told through the stories of experiences in the classroom.  Your teachers will leave inspired by the message and confident with real ideas.  When teachers can learn and grow from one of their own, there is a different feeling in the room.

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Previous Keynotes

Empowering Experiences

Students remember experiences, moments, and interactions. We can evaluate our instructional strategies and individual lessons to change the way students learn.  In this keynote I will share concrete strategies to change the focus of learning from content to experiences, all while teaching the standards at a very high-level.  We can empower our students to be intrinsically motivated, curious, passionate learners.  Teachers will see how minor changes can transform our preparation from planning lessons, to planning experiences.

Teach Like a C.E.O.

Teach Like a C.E.O. is a framework for creating holistic student-centered learning stretching well beyond an individual lesson. The ultimate goal is for a teacher to pull a small group of students provide differentiated instruction while the remainder of students work independently.  Asking teachers to lecture less and use stations does not create effective or authentic student-centered learning experiences.  I will showcase how a systematic approach to changing a students daily interactions and how it will directly impact the structure of learning.  C.E.O. stands for a Culture of Learning, Empower Experiences, and Operations of Management.  These three components create a more holistic approach to learning and allow the teachers to be able to trust the students to thrive independently.  This is how teachers can thrive in teaching small group lessons.

In addition to keynote speaking, I can form a longer-term partnership with your teachers and staff facilitating customized professional development to help your teachers achieve larger instructional goals. 

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