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Ken will plan and facilitate a full-day of learning for your staff. Immerse your teachers in the best personalized experience possible.

  • The administrative team will work collaboratively with Ken to put goals together.

  • Ken will organize, plan, and create the entire learning experience for your teachers.

PD Goals

The professional development experience will infuse direct instruction of concepts to teachers while modeling best practices. Ken has experience and expertise in creating PD goals around the following topics.

Differentiated Instruction: Teachers will learn strategies to efficiently and frequently collect data to provide students with more personalized instruction.  We will learn strategies to analyze simple forms of data to better identify students beyond the traditional "high, medium, or low".  Ken will help cut through the misconceptions of data and help teachers realize the science will enhance the art of teaching.

Small Group Learning: Ken will cut through the traditional structures for small group learning and help teachers build frameworks that actually work.  The research indicated group sizes of four to seven students and model of mini-lesson, three rotations, and reflection are just not realistic for teachers actually in the classroom.  Teachers will learn strategies to effectively group students and provide different mini-lessons and independent work for students based on the data.  Teachers will be able to engage students more effectively and not feel restricted by traditional models of small group learning.

Kinesthetic Learning: Teachers will learn engaging ways to get students up and moving while learning.  They will develop key strategies for infusing movement both to encourage wellness, review content, and learn new content.  Teachers will feel confident in facilitating more active learning environments to create memorable experiences for students.

Technology and STEM Integration: Teachers will learn strategies to embed STEM and technology into everyday instruction.  Through the use of his tagline blending objectives teachers will find avenues to layer in the technology and STEM into their everyday curriculum.  Additionally, Ken will infuse the instruction of new technology and STEM into the professional development.

Building a new STEM Program: Ken has experience in consulting brand new STEM programs from the ground up.  If your district is looking to add a new course or special program, Ken can help train teachers and consult on curriculum development.

I specialize in my creative approach to work with administrators and teachers to combine their goals and my expertise into the experience. 

Customized PD
Embedded Coaching
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Schedule follow-up dates and create a plan for each day of on-site, embedded coaching.

Model lessons, co-teach, observe, or meet one on one with teachers.

Embedded Coaching

Enhance your professional development experience by bringing Ken into your schools to work directly with teachers and students.  Ken can model strategies, observe teachers, or help co-teach. The embedded coaching will help teachers conceptualize the best practices learned in professional development.

"It was so powerful for myself and my team to all watch Ken deliver the same lesson.  We were able to observe his teaching, then meet as a team to dissect the strategies we saw and how the students performed."

Create individualized goals and attainable changes

"The lesson was amazing. It was unbelievable to watch how he differentiated instruction to meet the needs of students he had never met before.  The most meaningful part was seeing the strategies and ideas he showcased in his professional learning come to life with our own students."

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