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Pen Argyl High School 2024

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All resources can be accessed through the shared team drive linked here.

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Independent Choice Board

  • Always click the rocket ship icon to navigate through the interactive choice board.

  • Follow the directions on each slide.

  • Start by completing the Google Form in the middle.

  • Click the image to get started.

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How do you keep up with grading extra assignments for higher students? I don't think it is necessary to put pressure on ourselves to grade everything. Feedback is important, and many times the activities students complete can be reviewed in a small group meeting. Additionally, I strive to create activities where the relevancy is higher and they are more motivated to complete it for that reasoning.

What are the strategies? For example, what does station rotation look like? We didn't see any of these techniques modeled, or when to use them. The choice board was one example of how to prioritize your time to meet with individuals or groups while providing students to work on something independently. However, you are correct and our next PD day will much more explicitly model those strategies.

What if certain students are on level together and make the most sense to match with each other, but those same students struggle to work together? Considering behavioral needs of students is a factor when creating groups. It is not always about academic level. The key is to group students based on the learning objectives and activities. If the students behavior together is a problem then only assign independent work. When they are in your group, you should be able to manage behavior. When they are not with you they can be sat seperately throughout the room.

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